For those who would like to join us,

Research themes and mottos

 We are studying on embedded systems holistically from the hardware and software perspectives. The main difference from general-purpose computers is that embedded systems are required to perform applications within specified time under severe constrains on computational resources (i.e., functions), fabrication costs, etc. The number of computers is already dominated by that of embedded systems, and this situation is further accelerated by the recent/current advance in the IoT technologies.

 We think it is quite essential to understand what the national policy and industry need, to approach state-of-the-art technologies, and to develop new embedded systems technologies from both the academic and industrial perspectives. Please have a look at [ABOUT US]>[OUR RESEARCH], where you can find our current research projects.

Labs research activities

 All members are required to attend seminars (1~2 times per week) to present their research progress or paper survey, and a weekly meeting (once per week) to discuss the progress intensively. Each member belongs to a group so that members who work on related themes can easily exchange information and discuss.

Before applications (as a master/Ph.D.-course student, an exchange program student, or an intern)

 Please contact with Hara by e-mail (; please replace _at_ by @). Depending on the program you consider, an interview may be required before application. To schedule the interview, please send Hara the followings. Currently, research students are not accepted.

  • CV
  • All transcripts
  • Dissertation (or project report) and published papers (if any)
  • Referee (name, title, affiliation, and contact information) (for all other than student exchange programs)
  • Program you consider (for a master/Ph.D. course and student exchange program) and when you consider to start (for all)
  • What you would like to study

Upon your contact, the interview will be scheduled (depending on the program).

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